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As a photographer I’ve had the honor of working with some of the best people the editorial world has to offer. Most of what you’ll see here was made in the agency/photojournalist tradition. Which means I photographed out in the real world, often during newsworthy events, but made pictures that I found interesting, which is not always what magazine editors would find interesting.

Think of it as photojournalism from a personal point of view.

My work has been widely published and collected. It can be found in the permanent collection of many museums.

I don’t work with any galleries or dealers. Except for the secondary market, this is the only place you’ll find my prints.

You’ll find a limited number of vintage, black & white, silver gelatin prints on this site. They're clearly marked and expensive.

The modern prints, whether in color or black & white are archival pigment prints. 

All the work offered here is personally toned, printed and signed by me. I print on demand, so it might take a week or two for your order to ship. Please let me know if you’re in a rush.

Now and then, depending on my mood, the print selection will change.

In my opinion, these prints are pretty good, especially the color ones. That’s as hard sell as I get.

Thank you for visiting!

Kenneth Jarecke

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